Inuttitut Stories

I have a put a link up on the right side of this blog (under links) to a site where we have been posting Inuttitut stories, most with audio. In some stories the English translation is to the right of the Inuttitut written form. In ones we have worked on more, you can click on an Inuttitut word with your cursor and then you can see the meanings within the words by moving your cursor over the word. All the stories were composed originally in Inuttitut. We gratefully acknowledge the authors and authors’ families who have allowed us to present these stories for the benefit of their communities and the general public. The computer programming was done by Ewan Dunbar who is now doing his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland but still helps out. I do the actual analyzing of the words.

To gain access to the stories, use guest as login name and password.


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