Transcribing Workshop Day 3

This morning we went over the transcriptions as much as had been written. The trainees got feedback from the instructors. The instructors also shared tips about how to note in the transcription if you can’t understand a word, etc. In the afternoon we talked about what could be done in the future with this kind of work. Toni White from Torngâsok joined us for this discussion.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with the workshop. There was a lot of hard work and we learned new skills and shared information. We all want to make sure there is more Inuktitut written directly from Inuktitut audio for people to read and enjoy.


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  1. Hi Alana, my cell don’t have much mb’s or something, so I cannot check out more links. Thatns great stull, I even read the paragraph to my partner and he enjoyed the story, because he was also in the program.

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