Heading back today

If the plane comes in, I am heading back to the University of Toronto, where I work. The Transcribing Workshop was funded by a research grant which I was awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to do research on the linguistics of Inuktitut stories. Thanks to the Torngâsok Culural Cente for partnering on putting on the workshop and also thanks to the Nunatsiavut Government staff at NG for helping us and making us welcome. Thanks to Katie Winters for helping us arrange the participants. Thanks to Fran Williams for advice, Ross Krekoski for info about transcribing, and special thanks to Trent Reshny of Ihearit for technical assistance with their app which can slow recorded speech down.

Of course the workshop could not have taken place without the two experienced and excellent instructors Sybella Tuglavina and Alice Pilgrim. The trainees were very impressive and the amount they learned in these 3 days made it all worthwhile to everyone.


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  1. I thought I would comment, maybe others will follow.
    The site is coming along nicely, need to work on those photos if time permits.
    Hope you arrived home safely and without too much agro, seeing you missed your Goose Bay connection.

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