Angiggaga (my home)

Charlie Flowers had 2 questions: 1. How do you say ‘This is my home’ in Inuttitut and 2. Why does one sometimes see -ga for ‘my’ and sometimes -kka for ‘my’.

1. Matt Barbour gave us the translations:

Una angiggaga – ‘This is my home.’

Una illuga – ‘This is my house.’

Note that gg is prounounced like two KK.

Some people shorten the word to angKak so angKami ‘at home’ (Jeddore dictionary)

This is just a dialect difference.

2. Now for the ‘my’ part:

-kka is for when what you possess is plural (three of more). So ‘my hats’ nasakka

but ‘my hat’ nasaga ‘my 2 hats’ nasâkka

The pattern is:

i. -ga when I own one thing   illuga ‘my house’

ii. -VVkka when I own two things VV means make the vowel long unless it is already long

ijekka ‘my 2 eyes’ [base ijik]

ulokka ‘my 2 ulus’ [base ulu]


umiakka ‘my 2 or more boats’ [base umiak]

iii. -kka when I own 3 or more things

ulukka ‘my 3 or more ulus’



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