This blog is being written by Alana Johns of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Toronto in cooperation with the Torngâsok Cultural Centre in Nain and many Nunatsiavmmiut who are helping. All errors are mine but if you want to send me corrections, that would be great. You can send me questions about grammar too. I’d be happy to try to answer them. Put them in the comment section of a post OR email me at: ajohns AT chass.utoronto.ca


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  1. Marianne Stopp

    You may be interested in a recent journal volume that has Labrador languages as its theme. For my part, I was fascinated throughout my research of a newly discovered Labrador Inuttitut word list and of the life of William Richardson, who created the list. This paper, and others in the volume can be found at:
    Regional Language Studies (2014), vol. 25,at

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